Disney CEP Part 1 – The Application

Okay, so I guess I should give a little background to how I found out about the program.

When I was about 14 or so, my dad’s office got a new secretary. And one day, when I was there, I told her about how we’d just got back from Florida and it was amazing. She mentioned that she worked in the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT as a Cultural Representative (originally being from Canada). She even met her now-husband there. It seemed so magical! I don’t want to say I was a 14 year old spinster at the time, but the idea of meeting someone who was probably as nuts about Disney as me seemed like a dream come true!


My Prince Charming!

Anyway, needless to say, I really prepared for this. I actually applied a couple of times but I was rejected because I was doing a diploma at a college, as opposed to a degree at a university. I have to say don’t give up if you get rejected! Because I didn’t meet the visa requirements, I couldn’t even get interviews the first two times. But by completing the application once, I knew what to expect at this stage.

Part One: Personal Information

The first bit is pretty easy – it’s all your personal information! Things like your current address, your contact details, an emergency contact and so on. They also cover a lot of the basics to ensure you meet the visa requirements – so you need to put in your education to date and your grades. There isn’t much space like a lot of job applications – thankfully you don’t need super grades to get into the program! They give you hints, but put in as much information as you can. Definitely don’t leave anything blank!

Part Two: Work Experience

The next part – work experience! Like the personal information, don’t leave any of this out because it’s on your CV or it’s someone else. You want whoever is reading your application to see it all straight away! Also, don’t worry if your work experience isn’t all paid work. Volunteer work is equally as applicable and may be more relevant than your paid work. I had virtually no work experience when I first applied, but I found that I gained more in between applications. I should say that I know people who got through with not a lot of work experience. Some had more than others – it’s how you outline it that counts!

I was lucky to have a lot to choose from. I was in a software development role when I applied, and so I included a little bit about it since it wasn’t so relevant. I just included the things like the skills I had learned, like teamwork and time management. I put an emphasis on the really relevant stuff – I worked in the Apple Store in Belfast for a while, and worked with kids on school trips and summer camps there. I’d also started a role teaching children in Primary Schools how to code. It may have been voluntary, but working independently and working with a big group of children is pretty relevant to working in Disney!

No matter how small, write it down if you think it’s relevant!


Part Three: Additional Questions

There’s a couple of other questions they ask, such as your availability. Don’t worry if this changes, you get asked at every stage. I just put in my final day of term, after the exam period of my university. They also ask about your passport details, so make sure you have it handy!

They also asked another question, which was “What is your motivation for this program?”. The questions may change so don’t rely on this being the one that comes up for you! There’s a 1,500 character limit (including spaces!) to what you can type so keep your answers concise! My advice is to write it out in Word or Pages to get the count, and paste your answer in when you’re finished. It means you can spellcheck it too! My answer was maybe a little cheesy and sentimental, but to me this program means the world to me!

Submitting it all

So, having submitted these applications before, I had mine ready to go on the first day, because I spent a lot of time putting my application together. You generally have from July to September to do it, so take your time. I’d spend a day or two writing it, and getting someone to proofread it!

So, around the start of September, I found out that I had an interview with the Yummy Jobs team on 30th September! I was over the moon that I’d finally got this far!




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