Disney CEP Part 2 – Interview with Yummy Jobs

Woo hoo! An interview with Yummy Jobs!

I was completely over the moon! I’d finally got through to the interview stage! I couldn’t believe it! There was just one problem…

When I applied initially, the website had said the interviews would take place in the first week of October. Although I knew I would miss university, I thought one day couldn’t hurt. But then the interviews changed to the last week of September. This was problematic as I was actually in Florida! I’d booked a holiday in mid September. Thankfully, I emailed them and they were able to reschedule. It meant that for me to get to the interview, I had to fly from Orlando to New York to London!

As an aside, when I was in the tube station in London, trying to get to Epping in the middle of the night, I saw a little mouse, which scurried towards me in the tube station. My mum later told me it was probably a sign!


I got to Epping the night before, and the morning of the interview I sat in a café for hours. I met a few other people – everyone was so friendly and approachable, which really helped to calm my nerves. We were told to arrive at the Yummy Jobs office for 2:15, and that there would be a presentation from 2:30-3:30, followed by a group interview. I was part of the Hades group, which was the later interview group, so there was a little wait.

We met the Yummy Jobs team for the first time, who were all so lovely and friendly! They explained each of the roles in a lot of detail, along with the price of the program, visa fees, flights and so on. They even had a few quiz questions to break the ice. It was a lot of fun! After the presentation was done, I waited for an hour while the first group went in. It was really nice to talk to people who were there, and chat about Disney and university and things. After that, it was time to be called in!

I cannot tell you how nervous I was. I couldn’t even begin to describe it! I’d prepared questions and a cast member had helped me with scenario questions. Thankfully it wasn’t as difficult as that – I was in a group of about 9 people. We just went around in a circle and introduced ourselves with an interesting fact. Mine was that I’d flown from New York to get to the interview!


Most of the questions were about your reasoning for doing the program, and how you would share your culture with others, and how you would cope with sharing an apartment with people of many different cultures. They also asked why you had chosen Disney, and what your start date would be. They covered the other basics, like tattoos and piercings. They also asked about work experience, and how your work experience was relevant to the roles at Disney. It’s a lot like what you’ve written in your application, so it’s a good basis!

We split into subgroups and each group was given a question. My group was given a question about a family who had queued for hours to ride the Rock n’ Roller Coaster, and when they finally got to the ride, they found out the child was too short by a centimetre. We were asked to describe what we’d do. We talked about safety first, and making sure that something was done to make the family feel better!

Finally, we were allowed to ask questions about the program, if there was anything we wanted to know. We were also asked if we had to go to dinner with one Disney character, who would it be? I picked the Genie because he’s so funny, and because I could wish for more food! We were also told the final interviews with Disney would be at the start of November, so we’d find out after all the interviews were finished in mid-October. On the 14th I got this email…


I was over the moon! Now to book the flights for London. Next stop – Disney HQ!


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