Read between the sugar coated lines

So in my spare time (i.e.: all that time I should be studying in), I also bake. I’ll post the recipe for the buttercream icing I made in another post! But in the meantime, I wanted to show off my brother’s 21st birthday cake, made by me!

So for a first attempt I’m pretty impressed! I made a square cake and cut a little off one side to make it rectangular. Then I coated it in Italian Buttercream, and white icing to make the pages and red icing for the cover. I made it a little bit of a marbled texture to try and be fancy which I thought turned out well!

Finally I used yellow icing with melted chocolate to add a little decoration to the ‘title page’ of the book.

Overall, it’s my first full attempt at decorating a cake, other than plain royal icing or plain buttercream, so I’m really glad it came out the way it did! Hopefully I’ll get better with more practice (which means more cake!!)


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