Disney CEP Part 3 – The Final Interview at Disney HQ

Hello everyone! And first of all, Happy New Year! If you keep up to date on all things Disney like I do, you’ll know there’s a lot in store for Walt Disney World in the coming year. Even though we’re saying goodbye to Wishes, I can’t wait to see what Happily Ever After will bring! And Avatar Land, and Rivers of Light! What an exciting time!

Now can we fix Epcot..?


Anyway- apologies for not writing this sooner. January exams put everything on hold from Christmas until February when the results come out. Thankfully, I’m still sitting on a first, so I can treat myself with this blog post!

Before You Go

So if you saw my last post, you’ll know I did my interview with Yummy Jobs in September, and then I started planning the trip to London straight away. It’s always a little more stressful when you’re not in England (and flying from Belfast is always a pain in the bum!) – Thankfully everything went smoothly and I arrived in Hammersmith with plenty of time to spare. I travelled with my mum because she loves shopping in London, and she’s been incredibly supportive on this crazy adventure!


Off to London!

I should add that Disney get in contact with you before the interview to specify a slot. There are different slots throughout the week, with different times on different days. I ended up going for one on the 11th of November which was a Thursday. The slot said 11:30am-1:30pm – and you do need to be there right from the start! If you’re like me and you’re travelling from further away, it may be best to pick a later slot. There was confusion as the year before, there was a presentation at 9:30am and then you had to wait for your slot. This year there was no presentation – you just showed up at the time.


The visitor pass that makes it all too real!

Getting There & Arrival

So after a lot of confusion on my part (there are two Disney buildings in Hammersmith – so watch out for that!!) I finally found my way there and was given my name badge. I wish I had taken more photos – there was a giant Mickey Mouse statue, an Iron Man suit and a big Moana cardboard cut out! It such an amazing feeling being there! I got to meet a few other people I hadn’t met, and the Yummy Jobs team were there, which definitely made me feel a lot less nervous! The YJ team also review your proof of student status form and your passport photo while you’re there which saves some hassle!

The Interview

The interviews were being done in alphabetical order, so no sooner than I had sat down, I was called for an interview!

The interviews were going on in the same room, but it’s massive, so there’s enough room apart to not overhear conversations. I was asked a lot of questions, and I can’t remember all of them, but I’ve listed what I remember to give you a general idea:

  1. What work experience did I have, and what relevant work experience did I have?
  2. What did I do when I worked in retail to make the customers feel appreciated and special during busy periods? (Christmas was the example used)
  3. How would I cope with the heat?
  4. Have I lived with other people before, and what did I want to gain from living with other cultures?
  5. Would I be willing to take a background check?
  6. Would I be willing to take a drugs test?
  7. Why did I want to study the programme?
  8. What roles did I want?
    • HINT- I originally said Character Attendant for this, but the lady interviewing me mentioned the number of roles were limited. So I mentioned attractions, even though they’re incredibly popular, because I wanted to be part of the story each attraction told. It’s good to have a few back up roles and definitely imply you’re open to anything! I also mentioned custodial and seater at this point
    • ANOTHER HINT- Do your studying. I mentioned I’d fit right into attractions because I knew about Disney’s four keys. Do your homework. She was impressed when I mentioned it!
  9. Finally, she asked if I had any questions. I asked her how she had begun to work for Disney, and she explained how she moved through a few different roles in the company. I also talked about the Software Engineering role I had applied to work in last year, which was also in Hammersmith! She said this is a great way to get your foot in the door for future roles!

And just like that it was over! My interview was almost exactly 15 minutes, which worried me more, I thought it was too short!

To celebrate, I went into London with my mum – we went to Liberty of London for lunch, and did a little bit of shopping. Also – Victoria’s Secret? WOW. The shops in Belfast really don’t compare with London at all!

And Now, we wait…

To be honest, I really didn’t think I had landed the job. The places are fairly limited, and I knew not everybody gets the job. I had to admit I felt defeated by it, but I also knew I’d given it my best shot. Heck, I’d never reached this point before! So I was happy with whatever the result. To be on the safe side, I did ban myself from watching Disney movies, watching Martin’s Tribute Videos and listening to WDW ride music (the best way to pass an hour!). I didn’t want to get my hopes up – and the Facebook pages went quiet. Until 13th December…


I GOT THE EMAIL! I was in! I was practically shaking with excitement (I couldn’t scream because I was in a lecture at the time) but I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I clicked on the link to view my offer and check my role and found out I was in…



Ultimate goals fulfilled! I didn’t accept the offer immediately because I wanted to let my family and boyfriend know about it. I accepted it at the end of that day though, just because I wanted it to be real! And I haven’t looked back!

My next Disney CEP post will go over all of the fees and extras and such – hopefully it will be a handy list for you in the future!



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