Mother’s Day Baking: Cupcake Bouquet

Okay, I'm always looking for ways to go a little bit further with my baking and to challenge myself a little bit more. I love to make cupcakes and decided vanilla cupcakes with vanilla Italian buttercream for my mum would be nice- I'd contemplated a cake but cupcakes are a little more fun because you … Continue reading Mother’s Day Baking: Cupcake Bouquet


Baking 101: Italian Buttercream (With pictures!)

Okay, I'm sure you've seen it before - you see an 'easy to make' cake or cupcake recipe on Pinterest. You go for it and you realise there's a lot of fancy equipment and rare farmer's market ingredients you don't have to make delicious cakes. I have fussy friends (think Vanilla and chocolate flavour only), … Continue reading Baking 101: Italian Buttercream (With pictures!)