Mother’s Day Baking: Cupcake Bouquet

Okay, I’m always looking for ways to go a little bit further with my baking and to challenge myself a little bit more. I love to make cupcakes and decided vanilla cupcakes with vanilla Italian buttercream for my mum would be nice- I’d contemplated a cake but cupcakes are a little more fun because you can decorate them differently!

I’ve seen people do cupcake bouquets on Pinterest and really wanted to give it a go. I found a tutorial but ended up not using it so I’m posting my own here!

Here’s how my bouquet ended up:

It was pretty easy to do too!


  • Cupcakes and icing!
  • Pot plant (I used 16cm)
  • Floral sphere (the same size as the pot!)
  • Green tissue paper to fill in the blanks

Obviously, the first thing to do is to make your cupcakes. I made mine the night before and decorated them the next day. My mum picked the 3 colours- white, pink and yellow, so when I made the Italian Buttercream, I put roughly 1/3 into different bowls and used Wilton food colouring to dye them!

Then the next thing to do is decorate! I decided to keep my icing simple, so I used an 8-point star nozzle, shown below, to pipe out rose shapes and hydrangeas as well!

I tried to add as much variety as possible for these- I also included little daisies made from ready to roll icing, and used some of the buttercream to glue them to the cupcake. Here’s some of the cupcakes after they were decorated! I also added fondant leaves to some of them just to make them all look a little more different.

You could leave them as they are, and put them on a nice plate and serve them up! But if you want to make the bouquet, read on!

For this I used a cheap flower pot, 16cm in diameter. I got one at my local home and garden store for about £1.50. The floral sphere was trickier to find and a bit more expensive – it ended up being £11, and I was lucky enough to get one from a florist who was ordering them anyway. If you can get a florist sphere, you could use a styrofoam sphere, but be aware it’s probably not weighted much and the polystyrene could crumble as you work with it!

After this, you can stick your cupcakes on. To secure them I put 2 or 3 cocktails into the base (make sure you only push them through a little bit so you don’t mess up the icing!), and after that lodge the cocktail sticks into the sphere. Once I got the cocktail sticks in the sphere I just pushed them further in, and placed the cupcake on top.

I found that as I placed the cupcakes on there were gaps where the sphere was visible, so I used green tissue paper to mimic leaves and fill in the gaps. Keep placing cupcakes round the sphere until it’s filled!

It can be fiddly but I love how this turned out! My mum loved it too and the cupcakes were delicious!!


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