Time To Go!

Oh wow, it’s only 2 days until I head off to Florida. Where has the time gone?! It’s certainly been going at breakneck speed for me! Between university work and getting everything sorted it’s been crazy!


Yesterday we got our arrival itineraries for our first week there. I found out I’ll be staying in Patterson Court while I’m there, and I’ll be working in the East section of Fantasyland (by all means, if you’re there on holiday, stop by and say hello!) It’s not a terribly busy week, but there’s a lot to do! Lots of groceries to buy, Universal Studios Annual Passes to get!

patterson (1)

The Fancy Pants view of Patterson Court where I’ll be staying!

So yeah, this is just a post to say expect a lot more posts! Obviously there’s a lot I can’t say, but hopefully I’ll give you guys some kind of a taster as to what to expect when you work at Disney too. I’ll also post my packing list for the program (as I see a lot for the College Program participants in the states, but it’s a little different for us International peeps!)

Until next time!


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